When you decide to visit Thailand for the first time, it is important to understand what a great adventure you are about to start. But, to really experience and take in all that this magnificent country has to offer, it is important that you get prepared well before you set out on your journey. Make sure that you make a list of things to see and experience in order to have the most fun in Thailand.

Maya Bay

The Maya Bay, situated on the island Phi Phi Lee, is a stunning bay with amazing white sand and pristine clear waters. The area is rich with wonders so you need to make sure to spend a few days to really explore what the bay has to offer as Plankton tour or overnight Sleep Aboard tour.

The Temple of Heaven and Earth

If you really want to see and experience Thai culture, it is important that you make time for Wat Rong Khun of Chiang Rai. A marvelous temple that is defying temple clichés, and which looks amazing by the dazzling sunshine. A truly spiritual and cultural experience you should not miss.

Amazing Islands – Koh Samui and Koh Lipe

Koh Samui, a gorgeous island, has many white sandy beaches which you should place on your must see list, otherwise you are going to miss out on some of the most fantastic sceneries of Thailand. Remember that there are many activities you can do here as well. Whether you enjoy kayaking and snorkeling or if you feel more adventurous you can explore natural beauty of this island and its temples.

Koh Lipe is the most Southern island in Thailand and part of the Adang Archipelago. This Archipelago belongs to Tarutao National Marine Park, a nature reserve established in 1974. Koh Lipe is famous for its crystal clear water and abundant marine life. Diving in Koh Lipe is incredible experience which you shouldn’t miss.

Festival of Lights – Loy Khratong

Make sure that you have time to visit the Loy Khratong, a beautiful event where you light paper structures and set them to either float down the river, or to float upwards into the sky. The idea is that you have a prayer that you set free, and it might just come true.

Floating Markets

You need to make time to check out the amazing floating markets of Bangkok as well. It is a unique market system made up of boats where you can buy almost anything you might need. Be sure to take the guided market tours so that you can see the many mysteries of the floating markets.

Authentic Thai Food

Be aware when you want to eat something in Thailand as their cuisine is quite spicy and it might be too much to handle at once. It is better to take it slow and to try Thai food for beginners in the start, but gradually you will be able to explore some of the treats as well. Be sure to try out Tom Ka, a delicious coconut soup, and follow it with a hearty meal of Pad Thai, an amazing mix of rice noodle, spices and local fish or shrimps.

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