10 Reasons To Date A Girl Who Loves To Travel

Have you ever met or dated a charming gal who thrives on adventures and travel? Whether you are a casual traveler or an experienced backpacking superstar, dating a girl who loves to travel can be a blissfully sweet and intrinsically romantic ride that you will surely cherish for years to come. From having interesting and meaningful chats to experiencing a ton of breathtaking outdoor escapes, there are plenty of perks in dating a girl who enjoys traveling. As a matter of fact, she can still leave a positive mark in your life, even if your relationship doesn’t work out.

Honestly, I’m no expert, when it comes to dating and love, but I must say having her around could be one of the best things that will ever happen in your life. With her adventurous spirit, unique charm and positive outlook, she’s truly a one-of-a-kind girl who can enthrall you in a lot of different ways.

She’s intelligent and witty

There are no dull moments whenever she’s around you. Whether she is sharing stories of her awe-inspiring treks across the Asia Pacific or urging you to go on a scenic trip in Tuscany, she will always finda way to amuse and enthrall you. What’s more, she has an irresistible charisma and wit to make your conversations more engaging and fun.

Girls who thrive on traveling are usually inquisitive, curious and intelligent. After all, traveling the world is an incredible way to learn more about history, geography, different cultures and even politics. With passion and the enthusiasm, she can talk to you for hours about her epic adventure and trips overseas.

Life is fun and exciting with her

When your life starts to head towards the mundane, she’ll come with a great getaway that will bring some excitement and bliss into your life. She is going to open her travel planner, plan your trip, and have your flights and budget sorted out. Afterwards, she’ll take you to a place where you have never been to, and help you discover a bunch of new things that can spice up your life.

She’s also a kind of girl who can easily recognize every opportunity for fun and adventure. She’s always willing to try something unusual and new with you, whether at home or on a foreign destination. As far as I’m concerned, a girl who loves to travel has a sense of adventure that’s essentially limitless, meaning you will never get bored whenever you’re with her.

She is not materialistic

You won’t have to buy her an iPhone or a piece of glittering jewelry, to make her happy or impress her. She’s an unpretentious girl who enjoys the simple treats and pleasures in life. While other girls go nuts over the latest gadgets and fashion trends, she finds joy in gazing at magnificent landscapes, glorious sunsets, and historic sites as well as meeting local folks.

She is open-minded

With her as your dating partner, you can be as crazy and weird as you want to be. Furthermore, she won’t judge you for all the not-so usual things that you want to do. She has immersed herself into many cultures, which means she’s open-minded. Instead of looking at other people and places as weird, she simply views them as something different.

She’s adaptable

Tons of wrong turns, bad street food, untidy restrooms, missed flights and delays have helped transform her into a strong and adaptable person. Trust me, she is unlike most drama queens in your high school, and she’s literally and metaphorically ready for any bumps and roadblocks along the way. With tons of travel experiences under belt, she can definitely adapt to any situation life throws at her.

Excellent money management skills

Having problems managing your finances? I suggest that you try to get an honest and helpful piece of advice from a girl who loves traveling. She may not be as rich as Taylor Swift or Beyonce, but she is quite prolific in money management. Years of traveling have taught her how to spend money wisely, and how to extend her budget as far as she can. Plus, she can find handful of ways to generate funds when she’s on the road.

Your family and friends will like her

Have you ever bumped into traveler or a backpacker who’s unfriendly and shy? With years of experience on the road talking to foreign strangers, a girl who loves to travel has the ability and confidence to make friends with any person anywhere and in any situation. She has excellent social skills, and she won’t have a tough time befriending your best friend or sister.

She’ll leave a lasting positive mark in your life

She’s a kind of woman who can change your world for better. She’s will make your life a lot more exciting, and help you become a well-rounded person. In addition, she will introduce you to a plethora of new ideas and theories that will make you a little wiser.

She has an adventurous soul

Are you into thrills and adrenaline-pumping adventures? If your answer is a big and resounding “yes”, then make sure to date a girl who loves to travel. As with most travelers, she’s a type of person who’s always up for blast, and rarely says no to new and fun experiences, making her the perfect candidate for a guy who’s looking for a gleeful and adventurous partner.

Want to go on a skydiving adventure in Dubai? Planning on going on a whitewater rafting trip along Colorado River? For me, she’s an adventurous partner who wants to try everything that is listed on your bucket list.

She will push you out of your comfort zone

A girl who loves to travel will take you to exotic places that are way beyond your comfort zone. Likewise, she will do her darn best to make your trips extra challenging and adventurous. And guess what? Every challenge that she brings will not only enhance your life, but it will also let your discover our beautiful world from a different perspective. And did I mention that stepping outside your comfort zone will add a dose of fun and excitement in your life?