Melbourne’s Most Extravagant Hot Chocolates

Months have passed, between swapping Daisy Dukes and Havaianas for goose down jackets and granny sweaters. I don’t mind winter. The family gets together for hot pot, it’s snowing in Cradle Mountain and I can finally wear my overpriced jackets #totesfashun.  Amongst the circadian shift towards comfort food, hot chocolates have a childish appeal. In true Melbourne style, hot chocolate is OTT (that’s’ over-the-top’ for the non-millennials). Expect toasted marshmallows, matcha inspiration and clouds of billowing liquid nitrogen. Behold, the extravagant hot chocolates of Melbourne:

Chokolait – Best hot choc in Melbourne 

This ‘chocolate salon’ started as a hole-in-the-wall in Royal Arcade. Since then, the team have opened a larger location at the Emporium. Quality Belgian chocolate is melted to create liquid gold. Forget the rogue alternatives of syrup and powder, this is the TRUE version of decadent hot chocolate. Thick, luscious and decadent – all in one sip. Ladles of smooth Belgian chocolate, hand mixed with milk, creates a hot chocolate that has weakened many knees. Owner Ross, has been making them for over a decade. In my opinion, no other hot chocolate comes close. For matcha lovers, the ‘Matcha Magic’ will meet your greens quota.

Chokolait, Emporium

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Doughnut Time – Chocolate rain 

Not only does Doughnut Time create crowd pleasing doughnuts – in winter, hot chocolate is on the agenda. Underneath pillows of sticky toasted marshmallow, a decadent hot choc swims beneath.  Ask for the ‘Chocolate rain’ and enjoy marshmallow goodness.

Doughnut time, CBD

Long Story Short – Imploding chocolate spheres 

Pouring the hot chocolate, over a Sisko chocolate sphere, causes an implosion of marshmallows that rise to the surface.  It’s decadent enough, but not so decadent, that it’s borderline diabetic. For matcha lovers, a matcha latte version exists with a white chocolate sphere.

Long Story Short, Port Melbourne


Dex2rose – Mist in the Woods  

Prepare your camera. The ‘Mist in the Woods’ is designed to be filmed. Billowing clouds of rosewater liquid nitrogen engulf your hot chocolate. The set arrives with a ‘bonfire’ for roasting marshmallows, salted caramel gelato and frozen dehydrated raspberries. Taste-wise, it’s mild.  Theatrically, it gets a 10 on the OTT scale.

Dex2rose, CBD

Hash Specialty Coffee and Roasters – Fairy Floss pour-over

Dark Mork chocolate arrives in a beaker. Pour the mixture over house-made fairy floss and watch it collapse in a mound of sticky magic. The fairy floss sweetens the bitterness of an 85% dark choc blend.

Hash Specialty Coffee and Roasters, CBD

Lolo and Wren – The Smork

Amidst quiet suburbia, Lolo and Wren amps up the cool factor. The ‘Smork’ is Mork hot chocolate, with handfuls of marshmallows bobbing on the surface. Set to remind you of childhood memories, the use of Mork powder, means its on the bitter side, rather than the sickly sweet. Alas, I prefer the sickly sweet, but many enjoy the Mork mixture.

Lolo and Wren, Brunswick West

Lolo and wren

Ten One Ate – Giant marshmallows 

Matcha and white chocolate is a classic flavour combination. At Ten One Ate, giant marshmallows arrive as a delicious floatation device. We asked the owner ‘Where does one purchase giant marshmallows?’. He replies, jokingly, ‘ I’ld have to kill you, if I told you’. The slowly disintegrating marshmallow, enhances the sweetness of the white chocolate mixture, without which, is actually quite mild. We prefer out hot chocolates, intense and thick – but each to their own.

Ten One Ate, Essendon

Ten One Ate

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