Workshop brothers

Workshop Brothers Opens in Glen Waverley!

Kingsway brings me back to my teenage years. Those driverless days, catching the Glen Waverley line. Back then, it was an orderly spectacle of ‘nightlife’. The Western and Asian communities merging to form a super suburb. A handful of cafes existed, albeit not any good ones. Enter brothers – Brian and Nolan Taing, plus Joe La. With a wave of the Workshop Brothers wand, opening a cafe with food, was a natural progression.

Brunch with an Asian twist 

Unlike the other Workshop Brothers, the Glen Waverley location opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You won’t find boring avocado smashes.  But don’t worry, my Millennial friends. There’s plenty to insta and snap. The piece de resistance is the Asian inspired menu. The large Asian community has allowed the brothers to be more experimental. The flavours are vastly more adventurous, compared to the average cafe. Century eggs in congee you say? Kim chi risottos?!

Kim chi risotto is the must-try

In terms of food, the golden glow of a Kim chi risotto is a must-try. The funky blend of the fermented vegetable, is best friends with cheese and prawn. Fast becoming the signature, admittedly, its a tad pricey at $26. Nonetheless, it’s wickedly tasty. Mushrooms are miso braised, seaweed is a crackin’ and hashes are Kewpie potato croquettes. The Mee Goreng has Malaysians salivating. The congee, however; not quite the same as the ones you find in Asia.

Kim Chi Risotto  w/ Prawns, Gruyere Cheese

Maxed out Miso Mushrooms w/ Kewpie Potato croquette, Seaweed crackers

Pork Me Goreng w/ Pork Belly Kecap Manis, Baby Corn, Broccolini, Bean sprouts, Egg noodles

For the sweet-tooth

Dessert is Hong Kong waffles, with vanilla fairy floss, dark chocolate parfait and a smear of pumpkin caramel. An ice cream or Asian flavoured cream is needed for moisture.  The chia pudding resembles Peter Rabbit’s garden. The flavours border on savoury, with the chia being an acquired taste. The peanut-tella is a decadent hot choc, another must-order. Matcha is by Kinomi matcha.

Sweet HK Waffle w/ Dark Chocolate Parfait, Vanilla fairy floss, White chocolate shards, Hazelnuts, Pumpkin caramel 

Proof is in the pudding w/ Carrot cake chia pudding, Ginger crumble, Honey creme cheese 

The ‘Look and feel’ 

This latest venture takes Workshop Brothers to a new level. The look and feel is vastly different to the others. The team have ventured away from white marble aesthetics. Instead, there’s a warm pinkish hue and a colourful bar to match.  Interiors designed by Studio Esteta, draw your gaze towards circular frames. A strategically placed ‘circle’ creates the illusion of a mirror.

Amongst the Asian butchers and slurps of noodles, Workshop Brothers brings a quality cafe to Kingsway. The price-point might scare the Asian aunties and uncles. But youngsters will love this new dig. Can’t wait to see what dinner brings!

Workshop brothers

Workshop brothers


Hungrycookie dined courtesy of Workshop Brothers Glen Waverley. All opinions are strictly my own. 

Workshop Brothers
97 Kingsway
Glen Waverley

Must order: Kim chi risotto and peanutella
Rating: 3.7 cookies out of 5

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