Uncle & Jak – Fitzroy

Uncle & Jak covers all bases on the quieter end of Johnston St. Every Melbournian knows that Fitzroy is the place to go for serious coffee and good food – its brunch utopia. Uncle & Jak is no different, with its white-washed brick walls, hanging geometric prisms and a menu that dances between modern and traditional.  The vibe is more relaxed compared to its busier cousins up the road. It’s a place to settle down with friends, fan-girling over the latest Star Wars – which incidentally, we enthusiastically participated with our friendly waitress.  A nice change from having someone breathe down your neck, because they want your seat. At Uncle & Jak, there’s all the traditional what-nots : fritters, scrambled eggs, big breakfasts. General consensus? Flavours are good, but apart from the cured salmon, I feel there could be a  tad more inventiveness to liven up the menu. It’s Fitzroy after all.

Having just returned from a trip to Hawaii, there was nothing more satisfying than plunging my face into an epic pile of chilli scrambled eggs. We’ve become increasingly accustomed and expectant of good brunch, that when Melbournians travel overseas, it feels as if we’re travelling back to the 90s. We’re a spoilt bunch aren’t we? The Chilli scramble is mild in heat and spectacular in appearance. Shavings of aged manchego cheese, land like a snowstorm on bursts of red. The cherry tomatoes bursting with cool freshness, the chorizo adding much needed saltiness. Consider the citrus cured NZ King Salmon,  meticulously plated with beetroot 3-ways. Reminiscent of the flavours of fall, the earthiness of the beetroot compliments the freshness of the NZ King Salmon and the mildness of the triangular polenta. The appearance resembles an autumn vegetable bed. Chunks of deep purple beetroot sit amongst whipped goat’s feta. A smear of beetroot runs across the plate and thin slices cut through the end result.  If you’re looking for a less heavy option, choose this fresh and artsy dish.

You’d think that Fitzroy would eventually explode with cafes, but nope, there’s another good one to join the ranks.  For a relaxed brunch, head over to Uncle & Jak for a mix of tradition and playfulness.

Chilli Scramble w/ Burst Cherry Tomatoes, Chorizo, Wild Roquette, Aged Manchego Cheese 

Uncle & Jak