The Fitzroy, Brunswick and Collingwood areas have long been known as hipster central. Unfairly shunned for their unruly beards and thick framed glasses, we have the hipsters to thank for the explosion of quality brunch spots and organic, artisanal what-nots. If it weren’t for our non-mainstream friends, we would be drowning in the watered down ‘coffees’ of Starbucks and generic egg benedicts. So, thank you hipsters for making Melbourne great. We all love you deep down, despite the occasional mockery ;). Stagger Lee’s and Proud Mary are prime examples of quality in the area. Both live up to the hype.


‘We can stay up late, swap manly stories and in the morning, I’m makin WAFFLES’. Donkey from Shrek knows how to live the good life. This long weekend, we took his advice, heading to Stagger Lee’s to swap manly (or rather womanly) stories, with a side of buttermilk waffles. Long weekends call for indulgences, after all.

The Shrooms ‘n’ Truffles is a quintessential winter warming dish. That gleaming confit egg yolk, those thin shavings of pecorino and the smell of truffle wafting through the air. Hungrycookie has a weakness when it comes to Truffles and this #instafamous dish satisfied all expectations. Every restaurant has it’s star and for Stagger’s its the Shrooms. Our friend opted for the ‘The Simple’, a non-complex dish of breakfast favorites – avocado, trout and poached eggs on thick sourdough. A tad too simple for my ravenous appetite, plus the weather is bloody cold! Sugar lovers will gravitate towards the buttermilk waffles with a side of pistachio gelato and scatterings of vibrant berries. The crunchy element comes in the form of a Canadian maple nut crunch.

The sister to Proud Mary is equally as attractive and delicious. So, set your alarms and head over to Brunswick Street.


Proud Mary is Stagger Lee’s older sister. Yes, it’s one of those places that always has queues, but it’s not an unbearable wait. 20 minutes isn’t too bad for Melbourne, considering the ridiculousness of Lune Croissanterie queues. 5am line-ups, seriously….nothing could inspire me to wake up that early.

Proud Mary is an extraordinaire on the brunch front. Queues still form at this Collingwood staple, where quality has consistently been upheld amongst all the hype. Dishes taste as beautiful as their appearances. For the nibblers, the tuna sashimi with amaranth and brik crisp is a delicate option. Otherwise, consider the ricotta hot cakes, dripping with coconut ice cream and blood orange caramel. Carnivorous options include the ox tongue and a decadent pork belly. The wait list might still be long, but drop in before 12pm to avoid the afternoon rush. The crowd favourite is certainly deserving of its reputation.