One Plus Piece – Anime Themed Cafe in Balwyn

One Piece is the only anime themed cafe in Melbourne. Inspired by the manga series, hop on a pirate ship to find gastronomic treasure. The absence of devil fruits is noticeable, but who needs super powers, when you have super eating abilities. If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about, watch the series ;). Located on Whitehorse Road in Balwyn, One Piece delivers a bit of fun. The east side cafe, littered with figurines, Jolly Roger flags and manga books, makes this an anime nerd’s dream. The S.O – a fan of One Piece since the teenage years, positively squirmed in fanboy geekdom. Most prominent is the mural of Monkey D. Luffy peering at hungry diners. Don’t judge Monkey, calories don’t count on the weekends!

One Piece isn’t for the calorie conscious. Burgers, shakes and carbs are their specialty. With sinful options such as Japanese fried chicken, double beef and tempura soft shell crab, this will satisfy the burger munchers. Please put aside those pretty acai bowls and chia puddings, this is real breakfast food. Tasty and filling, the Sriracha Maple glazed bacon had the S.O’s eyes rolling in the back of his head. Sweet, sticky and savoury all at once, this puts a hearty twist on the generic Smashed Avocado. Mr Franky – the cyborg pirate is the inspiration for the next dish. A deliciously messy mound of guacamole, sour cream, cheese and tomato salsa, sits upon two fried eggs and flaky pieces of roti. The words ‘roti’ immediately captured our attention on the menu. I only wish all toast could be substituted with this Asian flatbread.  Apart from Sir Charles in Fitzroy, this is only the second time I’ve seen roti featured in a brunch dish.

Not an anime geek? Never fear, locals also love the quirk of One Piece. It’s a pleasant change to the gentrified wooden industrial decor that dominates Melbourne. With a good breakfast menu and positively sinful burgers and milkshakes, One Piece satisfies the weekend cravings.