Matcha Waffles at Smak Food House

Smak your lips for a cafe that delivers nutrition and taste. “We know that creating healthy, portion controlled meals, that taste like Christmas is no mean feat’. Catering to the activewear crowd of South Yarra, whilst not scaring away the big brekky lovers is a challenge. Admittedly, I’m from the latter crowd, generally skeptical of the latest ‘superfood’ trends and health cafes. Have you tasted a golden latte? They’re unforgettable and not in a good way. So have a couple of blokes, managed to bring the ‘taste of Christmas’ to healthy meals?

Smak harps on about simplicity. It’s evident in the Scandinavian interior and matte grey decor.  A closer look reveals flavour combinations, that are well-thought. More than simplistic. For one, Smak have managed to make me enjoy Breakfast salad – that’s a mean feat for a bacon lover. Sunflower seeds, wild rice, pumpkin seeds and toasted almonds, add bite. The avo is smooth and buttery. The sweet lime vinaigrette dresses the pile of green. A snowstorm of grated grana padana provides that final unami hit. A tolerable salad indeed.

For the traditionalists, breakfast is all about eggs. At Smak, the omelette houses chunks of spanner crab with an Asian inspired XO dressing. The Kale is pan fried – the only good way to eat kale. Improvement wise, the spanner crab is dominated by the oiliness of the kale. Additional seasoning and some fresh elements would be an easy fix.

Breakfast Salad – Avocado, Grilled corn, Kale, Medley tomato, Grated carrot, Wild rice, Sunflower seed, Pumpkin seed, Toasted flaked almond, Grana padana, Sweet lime vinaigrette & poached egg

Spanner Crab Omelette w/ Chilli, Kale, Spring Onion, XO dressing, Dench sourdough toast


Let’s not pretend, the primary reason for visiting Smak – were those Matcha Waffles. Being matcha obsessed, lured me into this activewear habitat. You can taste the Matcha Maiden powder. The whole waffle is dusted in it. What’s surprising is the combination of strawberry ice cream and matcha. They’re unexpected best mates. Waffles are pancakes with abs, beautiful abs, adorned with petals, vibrant summer fruits and a subtle chamomile tea syrup. The strawberry ice cream, an absolute necessity for moisture.

So, in summary. Smak have made me like salad. Shock. They’ve confirmed my love affair with matcha and have delivered healthy tasty food. Smak that, give me some more.

Matcha Waffles w/ Strawberries, Rose petals, Strawberry Ice cream, Summer fruits, Chamomile Tea Syrup, Air dried raspberries


Hungrycookie dined courtesy of Smak Food House. All opinions are strictly my own.

Smak Food House
6 Daly St
South Yarra

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