Last Friday the State Government of Victoria were at its most popular. Why? The introduction of the new Grand Final Day public holiday had Victorians celebrating a sweet hurray. Never mind the football. It’s an extra day to soak in the sunshine and fit in an extra day of brunch. Maddox is a Brunswick favourite lighting up the otherwise dingy suburb. Fast forward a few years and Sydney Road is now a cool kids hang out, likened to Fitzroy and Collingwood. Refitted from scratch by Perth couple Marsha Salam and Brendon James, Maddox is an intimate space for quality brunch.

Vegetarians, vegans and GF sufferers will be pleased that most menu items are substitutable to suit dietary needs. Healthy or decadent, there’s something for everyone. Those that are healthy will steer towards vibrant salads or opt for simple classics such as poached eggs on toast with sliced avocado. Consider the mushrooms, pan-fried in butter and mixed with Yarra Valley feta, with a mound of Spinach that will suit even Popeye the Sailor Man. Clearly, these were our dining companions’ choices – at Hungrycookie we’re a tad sinful on the weekend. The Big Ox is a twist on the classic big breakfast with the addition of Haloumi and thick pieces of fried potato. Simple and delicious. Who doesn’t like potatoes and bacon?

Our journey, however; was inspired by the buttermilk waffles. The weekend specials will often have the latest interpretation, soaking in some sort of decadent sauce, beautifully plated and alluring beyond belief. This weekend, it was sizeable dollops of smooth chocolate mousse, combined with the crunch of smashed macadamias and the acidity of raspberries. Thick hotcakes sit in this sweet concoction, soaking up the chocolatey nutty goodness. Pop by this Sydney Road, for simplistic classics and winning sweet treats.