Melbourne’s Wagyu Specialists – Wagyu One

Have a cow at Wagyu one. Not any old cow – but superluxe wagyu. Tales of pampered cows, receiving resort style massages and sipping sake, are humorous. Although, we’d love to believe that Wagyu cows live the monopoly man lifestyle, there are misconceptions. To our dismay, the cows at Wagyu One aren’t massaged, but sourced locally from Victoria . The Bourke St restaurant specialises in top-end Japanese BBQ. The large selection of premium cuts, will have wagyu lovers salivating. Wagyu is incomparable to any other cut of beef. It’s exceedingly tender, the exquisite marbling, lingers on the palate. David Blackmore’s Wagyu is heaven on a plate; however it’s not exactly accessible (price wise). Wagyu One is on the affordable end of the scale. It’s not fast food cheap, but expect to spend $50-$60 per person for a good feed.

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Nutella Oreo Pizza – Put on those fat pants

What do those memes say? ‘Somedays you eat salads and go to the gym. Somedays you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants. It’s called balance.’ In this instance, its not cupcakes, but a gargantuan Oreo Pizza, that will lead you into temptation. There’s always the gym tomorrow right?

Where can you get this sinful creation? At Pacinos restaurant in Flemington. Better known as the ‘glamourous’ suburb that hosts the annual Melbourne Cup and handfuls of ‘Doof Doof’ music festivals. Admittedly, I’ve driven past the unassuming exterior loads of times. For a Flemington fix, we always seem to end up at Laksa King. Family style restaurants are off-trend in Melbourne. When there’s an abundance of independent cafes and chef hatted restaurants, franchises can be overlooked. Pacinos has a point of difference and it comes in the form of a quadrillion calories  Continue reading Nutella Oreo Pizza – Put on those fat pants

The Famous Hot Chocolate at Long Story Short

Imploding marshmallow chocolate spheres, mutant noms aka doughnuts crossed with macarons – if you haven’t heard of Long Story Short, you’ve been living under a rock. The latter was a temporary pop-up, but Long Story Short continues to pioneer with a tasty, playful menu. The famous hot chocolate has been featured on Insider Food – a page loved by millions, known for spotlighting global food trends.  The food porn levels reaching an all-time high, with a Matcha White Chocolate option and a chocolate web joining the dream team. The team have since moved to a new Port Melbourne location, close to a park buzzing with pokemon. The crowd obediently follows – ready to snap, insta and tweet.  Continue reading The Famous Hot Chocolate at Long Story Short

Fishcake scotch eggs at Punchbowl Canteen

Punchbowl canteen isn’t your old school canteen. There’s no potato cakes or dimmies served by a suspiciously sweaty canteen lady. You don’t have to write your order on a paper bag and wait till the lunch bell rings. The warehouse interior, with bubble pop painted coloured walls, is light and airy, with a towering cacti reaching for the ceiling. Away from the Port Melbourne beachside, Punchbowl canteen has made its home amongst the suburbia side. City dwellers and locals will be chuffed, that their list of cafes is ever-expanding. If you’re a Pokemon Go player, there’s a park nearby classified as ‘lawn’, buzzing with Abras, Meowths and a Haunter. If you’re after some sea pokemon, a 4 minute drive to Port Melbourne beach, will grow your Magikarp collection, to evolve into the elusive Gyarados. I’ll leave that to you, there’s no way I can be bothered catching 100s of those splashing plebs.  Continue reading Fishcake scotch eggs at Punchbowl Canteen

Pintoh brings Laotian Cuisine to Melbourne

In an avalanche of pad thai, gua baos and kim chi, Laotian food is the one Asian cuisine missing from Melbourne. The lesser known Southeast Asian country is heavily influenced by its neighbours – Thailand and Vietnam. In dire need of PR, the cuisine can be difficult to differentiate from its popular neighbours. In fact, North Thailand was once part of Laos and general migration means Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai and even Chinese ingredients, have amalgamated into a soiree of South East Asian flavours. In fact, dishes traditionally viewed as ‘ Thai’ e.g papaya salad, minced laarp, are of Laotian origin. The case of the popular kid, stealing all the votes.

The recent opening of Pintoh on Bourke St, introduces Melbournians to Laotian cuisine. There’s plenty of bang and pop, unami funk and sticky rice is a staple. Replace the street vendors with open booths, suspended greenery and a bar – and Toto we’re not in Laos anymore. Welcome to Melbourne.  Continue reading Pintoh brings Laotian Cuisine to Melbourne

Horse on heels – Waffle specialists in Fitzroy

Saddle up and ride into Horse on heels in Fitzroy. After three years at The Waffle Club at Queen Victoria Market, co-owners Connie and Lunnie set their sights, on creating a waffle haven. Who doesn’t love waffles? They’re synonymous with breakfast deliciousness. Drizzled with syrup, topped with ice cream – waffles are pancakes with abs. By no means, is there a shortage of waffles in Melbourne. In fact, the sweet varieties come in all forms. At Sir Charles, they arrive bedazzled with multi-coloured meringue, at Mayday Coffee, it’s a warm marshmallow hug, at Aucuba, its potato waffles with a miso drizzle. But these are sweet varieties and no one has conquered the savoury realm.  Continue reading Horse on heels – Waffle specialists in Fitzroy

Big Fat Greek Lunch w/ George Calombaris

To celebrate the release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, George Calombaris creates a 3 course Big Fat Greek Lunch at The Press Club. There’s little difference between a Big Fat Greek family and a Big Fat Asian family. Coming from the latter, we’re all the same when it comes to family drama. Gossip spreads faster than the Pokemon Go App, ‘Did you hear? Tom went to Vietnam to find himself a lady friend’ – cue collective gasp. At family gatherings, you better over-cater or Phuong’s gonna call you a stinge. Weddings are all about the couple? HA! You wish. Expect half the ‘village’ to attend and make sure you allocate a couple of hours to take photos with people you’ve never met. Big Fat families can be annoying, but we’d be nothing without them.  Continue reading Big Fat Greek Lunch w/ George Calombaris

A spectacle of cheese at Maker & Monger – Prahran Market

On the seventh day, God said ‘ Let there be cheese’. In a world of cheese, there is only light and no darkness. Those who sin with the glory of cheese, are welcomed, arms wide open by Maker & Monger at Prahran market.  Cheesemonger, Anthony Femia, dazzled by the inspiration of travel, welcomes a mecca for cheese worshippers. The Raclette and grilled cheese cart, hand picks selections of Artisan cheeses, then ignites the traditional recipes with a spectacle of cheesy corruption. A sprinkle of cheese in fairy-dust proportion? Laughable. At Maker & Monger, expect blankets of raclette cheese, pasta swirled in hollowed out cheese wheels, flaming cheeses and famous grilled cheese toasties. This is no run-of-the-mill fromagerie. Continue reading A spectacle of cheese at Maker & Monger – Prahran Market

There’s Something More in Fitzroy

Something wicked this way comes. By wicked, I mean supremely tasty. Behold, crispy Kim Chi waffles, loaded with shredded pork and 2 funks in the trunk – spicy kim chi and blue cheese sauce. Experience this unusual dish, at Something More. Walk past the hairy chest of George Constanza. His angry expression, speaks to the Saturday morning hANGER fast. Too late for breakfast, too early for lunch? Let’s save the calories for brunch. Settle your rear end within the natural Melbournian habitat. Warehouse interior, suspended greenery and the aroma of roasted coffee. Smells like Melbourne.  Continue reading There’s Something More in Fitzroy

Son Of a Pizzaiolo launches Winter Brunch menu

Brace yourselves, winter has settled its frosty behind in Melbourne. Keep warm this winter, with Son of a Pizzaiolo’s ‘Prima Colazione‘ menu. When brand perception is defined narrowly, in this case – woodfire pizzeria, its difficult to enter new realms. Brothers Frank and Rogue Romano, turn the wheels to include a good ol’ Melbourne brunch. Italian heritage filters though, amongst pops of golden yolk and cheesy scrambled eggs. The classics remain with pulls of linguine and comforting risottos. The team attempts to shrug off the pizza dominated image, with the above. No doubt, cheesy scrambled eggs and comfort food, will entice the Northsiders. But, how does the new menu compare to the Pizzaiolo favourites?  Continue reading Son Of a Pizzaiolo launches Winter Brunch menu

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