Who is Saint Barry of the East?

Who is Saint Barry? His the patron saint of Halloumi and Kataifi Prawns. OK, technically this is untrue, but in Surrey Hills, Saint Barry has attracted the locals, with a greek inspired menu and a rotating selection of local craft beer.  Saint Barry is in fact, the patron saint of immigrants. What would Melbourne be without immigrants?  From a Lillydale fish and chip shop, to a restaurant with an inner city feel, Australia is the land of opportunity.  Showcasing the best  local producer, owner Peter Sprekos, is bursting with ideas. Keep your eyes peeled for a renovated courtyard and a state-of-the-art, MAVAM espresso machine. Saint Barry is ready to churn out coffee with Proud Mary beans and a re-launched lunch menu. Bring in the coffee snobs!  Continue reading Who is Saint Barry of the East?

Soft Shell Crab Bonanza at Laksa Bar

Lovers of soft shell crab and laksa can rejoice at Laksa Bar. As the temperature gauge drops in Melbourne, there’s nothing better than a steaming bowl of fragrant laksa. At Laksa Bar, the inspiration is derived from Johor, a southern state in Peninsula Malaysia. Compared to the traditional curry laksa, its lesser known, with the focus on a thick fish gravy. People tend to gravitate towards the first type they try. The tastebuds developing a loyal familiarity – much like the first ex you can’t shake off. Instead of making accusations of a recipe being Westernised, try before you criticise. Often the new can be better than the original, but was this the case at Laksa Bar? Continue reading Soft Shell Crab Bonanza at Laksa Bar

Twenty & Six Owners Open Host in Brunswick

Host opens in Brunswick with modern Australian cuisine. The ex Twenty and Six owners, have ventured beyond brunch fare, with an intriguing menu that raises eyebrows. The premise of Host, is a ‘home away from home’. Loving a good dinner party, owners Majda and Nedim, extend the concept to the grungy streets of Brunswick. The interior looks 10 times sleeker than any home I’ve seen. Matte black walls, faded white tiles and rustic brick for the interior nerds. The best part are the timber-lined booths, intimate and cosy for dinner time goss. A portrait of an introspective Aldous Huxley looks-on, whilst diners contently wine and dine.  Host’s specialty is dinner, but opens for Lunch – Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Located next to a graffitied garage on Saxon St, it’s easy to walk past. For a directionally challenged individual, we managed to spend 15 minutes attempting to locate the entrance. Doh…  Enter host for some new school dining, with a touch of homely service.  Continue reading Twenty & Six Owners Open Host in Brunswick

Two Little Pigs go to Brunswick

Once upon a time, Two Little Pigs journey to Brunswick. They walk past the op shops that smell like grandmas. They walk past the dude with suspiciously tight multi-coloured leggings. They admired the colourful graffiti that line the grungy streets. Little did they know, that this was the wrong place for Little Pigs.  The cafe is for BIG pigs with big appetites.  At Two Little Pigs, the menu is for pork devotees,  where all things porcine feature on the menu. Expect crispy pork crackling, thick cut bacon, strings of pulled pork, piggy burgers and generous charcuterie boards.  The piggies sat outside in the courtyard, by the refurbished bicycle. The autumn sunshine tickling their snouts, the smell of fresh paint and bacon wafting by. A pop of yellow brings colour into the space, where strings of cured meats, sausages and salami hang from the drafters. The Little Pigs felt right at home, salivating and making tough decisions. The savoury waffles, the truffled eggs, cheesecake french toast or a classic pork belly? Tough decisions for a Sunday afternoon. Continue reading Two Little Pigs go to Brunswick

Chill Bro Paletas – Mexican Ice Cream On A Stick

Chill Bro Paletas is Mexican ice cream on a stick. Two bros came together to bring Mexican Paletas to Melbourne. Fused with interesting flavours such as Strawberry with condensed milk or the Snickerone, you can see chunks of flavour embedded in the ice cream. The best part? For an additional $1.50, you can get your paleta dipped in melted dark or milk chocolate, with toppings of your choice. Perhaps, some dessicated coconut, crushed tim tams, or crunchy peanuts? We first met Chill Bro at the Zomato delivery launch and the Lady Carolina launch. They’ve since set up shop at a Melbourne Central and you can find their Paletas at many of Melbourne’s favourite Latin restaurants. The weather may be wet and dreary, but it’s never too cold for Chill Bro! Continue reading Chill Bro Paletas – Mexican Ice Cream On A Stick

Take a Ride with Taxi Kitchen

Take  a ride to Taxi Kitchen, for contemporary dining by the Yarra. The windows look out into the sparkling lights of the city. One side there’s the spiralling architecture of the art precinct. Look further and there’s good ol’ flinders street station. Sure, its the perfect location to take the overseas relos. But there’s more to Taxi Kitchen than meets the eyes. On the exterior, the appearance resembles a casual pub. Take the elevator to level 1 and you’ll be greeted by a sophisticated bistro setting. Executive chef Tony Twitchett has stylised an accessible menu. Emphasis is on share plates, pre-theatre and seasonal produce. The 2014 refurbishment, shone new light on the venue. In 2016, it remains strong ,with old favourites and new twists.  Continue reading Take a Ride with Taxi Kitchen

Bebu – Korean Fusion in the CBD

Bebu means ‘best buddy’ in Korean. Appropriately named, considering food is my favourite buddy of all time.  By the looks of my expanding belly, we probably catch up a tad too often. Korean fusion has taken off in the CBD, combining elements of traditional Korean with Western ingredients. Head chef Dominic Kim (ex Coda/Tonka) elevates the status of Korean dining from boring ol’ bibimbaps to the likes of Salmon Tartare, with seaweed Crackers and Bulgogi meatballs.  The cold climate means many Korean dishes are designed for comfort. Bebu is no exception, with warming Kim Chi soups and loads of melted cheese. Traditional Korean is delicious, and out of all Asian cuisines, fits Western flavours like a well-fitted glove.   Continue reading Bebu – Korean Fusion in the CBD

C is for Cookie at Caribbean Inspired Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia brings Caribbean flair to the streets of Windsor. Flavours of Cuba, South America and Louisiana fuse together in a cultural melting pot, of spice and zest.  Husband and wife team – Charlie & Steph, fell in love with the islands, noting the lack of Caribbean food in Melbourne. The interior reflects the couple’s eclectic style. Steph’s creative hands, exude the cool cat touch – painting, refurbishing and styling the unique space. When you think of the Caribbean islands, you picture turquoise waters, green jungles and humidity that would send curly haired people running. At Saint Lucia, diners are transported to the Caribbean, with smooth tunes, lush greenery and island inspired decor. You forget that you’re in Windsor, until you look outside and see a Stormtrooper and Iron Man standing on the street (100% true story) Continue reading C is for Cookie at Caribbean Inspired Saint Lucia

Est 1906 in Seddon

Seddon’s Charles St, has long been a Westside haven for coffee lovers and brunch munchers. Est 1906 joins the desirable street, amping up the competition for it’s neighbours. One of the things I love most about Melbourne, is the suburban concentrations of breakfast deliciousness. Est 1906 is a family friendly cafe. There’s communal tables for large groups and a yard at the back for the kiddies. Yes, a moment of freedom from snotty tissues and tantrums. Adults sit at the back soaking in the last rays of Autumn, sipping breakfast wine, pooches drooling longingly at their master’s bacon. Est 1906 was one of the few cafes open on Anzac Day. Staff were running amok, but retaining their sanity against the mayhem. Time for a long weekend breakfast.  Continue reading Est 1906 in Seddon

Oh Deer Korean Fusion Launches Modern Tapas Menu

Oh Deer Korean Fusion is totes serious about fusion. So serious, its permanently included in their name. Riding on the bandwagon of trendy Asian eateries, Oh Deer Korean Fusion launches in the CBD with a new tapas menu. It’s an interesting mingle of East and West, from korean beef tartare to sashimi pizzas. At this stage you’re either salivating or bewildered  For us, the fundamental appeal of Korean food is the comfort aspect. For the cooler months, the warm hug of a Kim Chi soup is irresistable. Slurping up all that spicy goodness sends warm tingles through our body. The name is inspired by our cute ungulate friends, fake heads and an antler chandelier – for some hunter-free friendly decor.  At Oh Deer Korean Fusion, there’s still the traditional favourites mixed in with the new.  But go on, try something new. Continue reading Oh Deer Korean Fusion Launches Modern Tapas Menu

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