Hungrycookie is a blog about all things food and travel. We first started blogging on behalf of, acting as a market liaison and speaking to market vendors that are passionate about quality produce and sustainability. On the side, we also blogged about commercialization and launching new products into the market. You can check out the column here. If you want travel to Canada or Mexica, here you can discover how to get TN Visa. With all this blogging experience and a natural propensity to dine out and travel, Hungrycookie was created.

Our Mission

Our passion is to support up-and-coming restaurateurs, find new and exciting dining experiences, and to create useful travel and dining guides. We come from a Cantonese/ Vietnamese background, a culture that is all about eating and sharing food. For my tiny size, you will find an adventurous traveler, avid photographer, and a lover of all cuisines ( especially dessert! ). Happy eating and traveling!


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