Doughnut Time in the CBD, Fitzroy and Windsor!

‘Doughnuts is there anything they can’t do’, says the patriarch of the Simpson family. Doughnut Time put the Doh in  diets, with quirky, colourful creations that awaken the inner child. From Pokeball doughnuts, filled with indulgent Nutella, to vanilla glazed doughnuts speckled with M&Ms – it put a smile on the dial. Arriving from the Sunshine state, the much-loved franchise now has 4 locations in Melbourne. You can get your doughnut fix amongst grafittied alleyways (Degraves), shiny shopping centres (Emporium), the beard capital of Melbourne (Fitzroy) or Chap laps central (Windsor). The original has a continuous stream of people, with batches selling like hot cakes. Flavours are consistent between stores.  Continue reading Doughnut Time in the CBD, Fitzroy and Windsor!

Toasta & Co opens permanent store with a cheesy bang

Lovers of toasties, we have a cheesy announcement. The beloved Toasta Food Truck has swapped its wheels, for a permanent store. Toasta & Co opens in West Melbourne to squirts of Sriracha and hunks of Mac & cheese. Known for chauffeuring decadent toasties around town,  it’s about time Melbourne’s favourite toastie maker, has a place to call home. Owner Rebecca Feingold understands the art to a perfect toastie. Ironically, she studied nutrition, but she’s joined the dark side now. You can say goodbye to your waistline and admire strings of melted cheese, buttered organic sourdough or smokey barbeque sauce. The little sister Von Crumb joins the party, with crumbed schnitzels in pretzel buns, soaked in poutine. It’s one party you don’t want to miss.  Continue reading Toasta & Co opens permanent store with a cheesy bang

Ionio finds its Groove with a revamped menu

Just ‘Zhoozh it up a little’ says the fashionistas. The same applies for restaurant- a little bit of a revamp, can do wonders. Ionio first opened  at Westfield Doncaster, questioning its Greek identity. Parmas aren’t really Greek… and it’s fair to say a ‘Zhoozh’ was in need. With a little advice from ex Masterchef’s Dani Venn, Ionio launches its new Greek Charcoal BBQ menu. Focusing on the power of the flame, the simple flavours of traditional Greek suffice. Uniform cooking is achieved by the mesmerising rotation of a big hunk of  meat, on the charcoal rotisserie. Who needs schmancy food, when there’s meat, meat and more meat? Oh and cheese and baklava. Continue reading Ionio finds its Groove with a revamped menu

Don’t go Bacon my Heart – Hoppa & Joe

Hoppa & Joe joins the battalion of new cafes openings. Others, march forward with matcha lattes in hand and cloches of billowing smoke. The Melbourne cafe scene is hard to beat. We also have the devotees willing to put in a cross suburb hike. Owner Kirsten Taylor – ex general manager of the beloved Chez Dre and Bibelot, understands the changing dynamics of breakfast. It’s a competitive scene, sprinting beyond the ol’ bacon and eggs. For the Northside, Hoppa & Joe delivers with a touch of epicurean quirk. It’s vastly different from the French ex. Instead of a bustling crowd, Hoppa & Joe is designed to serve the locals. It’s intimate and approachable, no glares from an impatient queue or overkills of edible flowers. Pop your Mac on the table and sip away to your heart’s content.
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House of Hoi An – Taste of Central Vietnam

Enter Ms Vy’s House of Hoi An for a taste of Central Vietnam. Is it a blink and you’ll miss it hole-in-the-wall? Definitely not. At night, the psychedelic glow, lights up Windsor. The vibrant mural of a river scene, with glowing lanterns, lures diners inside. On a freezing winter’s night, it radiates warmth. Don’t make me go back outside!

Ms Vy is the Jamie Oliver of Vietnam – with three restaurants, a cooking school and books to her name. A venture to the southside of Melbourne, further expands the Taste of Vietnam empire. Hoi An  is part of Central Vietnam – the former port city is a cultural melting point. The trade of spices and other commodities, shapes the food of the region, making it spicier than its Northern and Southern counterparts. Being half Vietnamese, the food I’ve grown up with heralds from Southern Vietnam (Saigon specifically – where my parents were born).  Banh Xeo, beef pho, Vietnamese curry – is the food you typically associate with the cuisine. I’d thought I had tried every Vietnamese dish, but House of Hoi An has a few surprises.  Continue reading House of Hoi An – Taste of Central Vietnam

Oneyada – The Jinda Thai Family Expands into Brunch

Oneyada is Jinda Thai’s breakfast cousin – literally.  From one Thai family to the next, a marriage between two lovebirds, expands the Jinda Thai family into the realm of Thai breakfast . If I were a poet, I would present a soliloquy, professing my love for Jinda Thai. Alas, I’m a blogger, so I’ll photograph and eat it.  In the world of Thai food, nothing is more displeasing than excessive sweetness. In an attempt to cater to Western palates (mistakingly so), the heat and bang is often sizzled down. Not at Jinda Thai and not at Oneyada. When I heard the same family were extending into brunch,  my carb filled, untoned legs, couldn’t run fast enough.  Continue reading Oneyada – The Jinda Thai Family Expands into Brunch

Macaronuts at Workshop Brothers

For Melbournians, coffee is liquid gold, it’s fuel for the catatonic Monday slumber, it’s a reason to catch up with mates. When Starbucks failed in Australia, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. Say ‘No’ to Mocha Frappu(diabetes)ccinos and say ‘Yes’ to quality roasted beans.  Melbournians are a special breed, fiercely loyal to independent cafes. With venues such as Workshop Brothers, it’s easy to see why. The marble bench tops and sleek Scandinavian  interior, means less is more. Brothers Nolan and Brian continue to brew their passion at the newest CBD venue.  It’s the second home for Workshop, with the big sister located in Glen Huntley. The latest cool kid to join the venture is a temporary popup from Dessert Parlour. We all remember the macaron craze circa 2013. Now it’s the reign of the doughnuts. Why not combine them both? Until August 31st, the Macaronut is available every Sunday from 10am until sold out.  Continue reading Macaronuts at Workshop Brothers

Melbourne’s Wagyu Specialists – Wagyu One

Have a cow at Wagyu one. Not any old cow – but superluxe wagyu. Tales of pampered cows, receiving resort style massages and sipping sake, are humorous. Although, we’d love to believe that Wagyu cows live the monopoly man lifestyle, there are misconceptions. To our dismay, the cows at Wagyu One aren’t massaged, but sourced locally from Victoria . The Bourke St restaurant specialises in top-end Japanese BBQ. The large selection of premium cuts, will have wagyu lovers salivating. Wagyu is incomparable to any other cut of beef. It’s exceedingly tender, the exquisite marbling, lingers on the palate. David Blackmore’s Wagyu is heaven on a plate; however it’s not exactly accessible (price wise). Wagyu One is on the affordable end of the scale. It’s not fast food cheap, but expect to spend $50-$60 per person for a good feed.

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Nutella Oreo Pizza – Put on those fat pants

What do those memes say? ‘Somedays you eat salads and go to the gym. Somedays you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants. It’s called balance.’ In this instance, its not cupcakes, but a gargantuan Oreo Pizza, that will lead you into temptation. There’s always the gym tomorrow right?

Where can you get this sinful creation? At Pacinos restaurant in Flemington. Better known as the ‘glamourous’ suburb that hosts the annual Melbourne Cup and handfuls of ‘Doof Doof’ music festivals. Admittedly, I’ve driven past the unassuming exterior loads of times. For a Flemington fix, we always seem to end up at Laksa King. Family style restaurants are off-trend in Melbourne. When there’s an abundance of independent cafes and chef hatted restaurants, franchises can be overlooked. Pacinos has a point of difference and it comes in the form of a quadrillion calories  Continue reading Nutella Oreo Pizza – Put on those fat pants

The Famous Hot Chocolate at Long Story Short

Imploding marshmallow chocolate spheres, mutant noms aka doughnuts crossed with macarons – if you haven’t heard of Long Story Short, you’ve been living under a rock. The latter was a temporary pop-up, but Long Story Short continues to pioneer with a tasty, playful menu. The famous hot chocolate has been featured on Insider Food – a page loved by millions, known for spotlighting global food trends.  The food porn levels reaching an all-time high, with a Matcha White Chocolate option and a chocolate web joining the dream team. The team have since moved to a new Port Melbourne location, close to a park buzzing with pokemon. The crowd obediently follows – ready to snap, insta and tweet.  Continue reading The Famous Hot Chocolate at Long Story Short

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